change conf Video CURRICULUM


Is God good? How can He be good in a world full of pain and suffering and evil?

These questions are some of the biggest hurdles to people believing in God. Our brand new Change Conf video curriculum is here to help guide discussions with your youth groups to wrestle with some of these hard but integral questions.

In John 16:33, Jesus says, “In this world you will have trouble, but TAKE HEART, I have overcome the world.”

Jesus never promised us a life without pain. He straight up said this world is going to be full of trouble. But He promised us His presence in the midst of our pain — and He promised us that this world is not the end.

Join six followers of Jesus as they tell relevant and personal stories, along with Scripture, in this brand new video series.

We include discussion questions to prompt meaningful conversations with your youth group. Week One is designed to ask the question: How is God good, even with pain and suffering in the world? Week Two will be Change Conference Online where our speakers dive deeper into John 16:33. Week Three concludes our series, and gives practical application for how youth can share the message of Jesus with their friends.

WEEK ONE: To be shown the week of October 4.
WEEK TWO: Watch Change Conference Online on October 16.
WEEK THREE: To be shown the week of October 19.

*Videos will be available for download at the end of September.

Curriculum is video based, so your youth group can do it over Zoom if you’re meeting online or in person if your church is open in October. Each session is 15 minutes plus additional time for discussion questions throughout the session.