October 16-17, 2020

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change conf 2020

Change Conference is a two-day conference that inspires and empowers students to live for Jesus and make a difference in their world.

The Friday Night Change Party is exactly that — a party. It is the perfect place for Christian students to bring their friends.The main purpose is to present the Gospel clearly, and to provide an opportunity for students to respond and alter the course of their lives by following the message and life of Jesus. Over the years, thousands of students have made a decision for Jesus during this event. The night features Andy Mineo, Wande and Brooke Nicholls, with Matt Tapley giving the message of Jesus Christ.

The Saturday Conference challenges youth to live their lives passionately for Jesus and become an active part of His mission. Brooke Nicholls will lead Change Conference in worship. Our main stage speakers will share their hearts and encourage students to think deeply about their relationship with Jesus. Students will love being able to choose which  discussion forum session they attend in the afternoon.

About Canadian Youth network

Change Conference is brought to you by the Canadian Youth Network. The Canadian Youth Network is a non-profit charity that pastors youth pastors, provides coaching for youth leaders, runs events and creates/promotes resources to assist youth leaders in guiding teens to put their hope in Jesus. For more questions, please visit our website.


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