How will my support make a difference?

Since its inception, Change Conference has been one of the most impactful youth conferences in Canada—with hundreds of youth making decisions to follow Jesus each year and equipping thousands more to live out and share their faith. We are motivated by our vision to see every youth in Canada have the opportunity to hear, respond, and live out the message of Jesus in their lives.

How is my financial support used?

Your donation will go directly to the materials and people-power needed to make Change Conference possible.

Your support will be used in the following ways:
– To subsidize the cost of registration, making tickets affordable for every youth regardless of socioeconomic status
– To cover production costs, ensuring we can produce a high quality event that can be streamed to every youth right across Canada
– To help enlist the most intriguing and relevant speakers out there so we can share the Gospel message most effectively
– To bring in talented Christian musicians and worship artists to draw students to come to an amazing Change party and lead them in sincere worship
– To back our content and curriculum production team as we film powerful curriculum that we freely give to all youth groups
– To support our youth leaders as we craft relevant monthly resources to support and encourage them as they lead our youth

Note: Change Conference is not responsible for funding or financial contributions to any effort or account other than its own, therefore every donation goes directly to Change Conference and the staff who make the event possible.

Can I support a staff member?

Of course! Please select which staff member you would like to support:

Event Director, Change Conference

Event Operations, Change Conference

I have more questions about Youth for Christ

Awesome, we’d love to answer your questions!