For Youth Leaders


Leaders Meeting
Friday @ 7pm

Join us from 7-7:30 for a rundown of the night and time of prayer for the youth and youth leaders in attendance.

Leaders Lounge
Saturday @ 10:15-6pm

food and snacks available during all breaks and meal times. For Youth Leaders only.

Leaders Breakout @ 2pm

with Sid Koop from YWC.
Leaders Only Training.

Leaders Lounge

Youth leaders and volunteer youth leaders… please join us in the Change Conf/YWC Leaders Lounge ! The Leaders Lounge is open during both breaks, lunch and dinner. Eat tons of free food, meet other youth leaders, and maybe even win some prizes!

Friday Night Leaders Meeting

We invite ALL youth leaders to our Leaders Meeting from 7-7:20pm. Doors to the Friday Night event will open at 6:30pm. Your students will go straight to the Sanctuary and participate in our Pre-Party and leaders will make their way to the Leaders Meeting. We will discuss exactly how the Gospel message will be shared and what the students will be directed to do once they have made a decision. We will also take some time to pray for the students who are going to be there that night. While you are there, help yourself to a coffee! (You’re going to need the energy!) 

Youth Leader Amazon Gift Card Draw

Youth Leader Prize Draw

We have a prize draw just for youth leaders! Enter your name below today for a chance to win a pair of Airpods!